How to use Washer-Dryer Combo

How to use Washer-Dryer Combo

  1. Load your laundry
  2. Select the courses from washing/drying, washing, drying.
  3. Pull down the lever and lock.
  4. Check the price and slowly insert coins one by one.
  5. It will start automatically when the displayed price is inserted.
  6. Remove the clothes after finishing the cycle.

You can pay by cashless App.
Please see the detail here.



- If you load a small amount of laundry into the large Washer, it may stop automatically during spin cycling as the drum inside become unbalanced.
It may cause a failure.
- Detergents and softeners are automatically added.
- Your finished laundry may be removed by another customer.


- Please refrain from drying the rubber material as they might melt.
- Please refrain from drying the string and metal fitting as they might tangle with the drum.
- Please contact to Call Center if the machine stopped during the cycle .
Tel: 0120-545-696 available for 24 hours.

Allergy countermeasure

Getting rid of the mites that cause allergies.
Killing the mites would require 50 ℃ or higher and exposure to Sun for 20 minutes.
Thus, it is impossible to kill them by the rays of the Sun, because the temperature rises around 40 to 45°C on sunny days.
Sun bathing your futon mattress on your balcony might be effective to remove moisture and create an environment that is difficult for the mites to breed more.
WASHHOUSE can offer the Dryer which will reach up to 70 ℃ to kill them and not to damage your precious mattress.
The cause of the allergen is "carcass and feces of mite"
The mite carcasses and feces would decay into pieces when they are dried.
Removing all the pieces by vacuum cleaner after they are dried was ideal solution but it was impossible.
WASHHOUSE dryers have similar mechanism of a vacuum cleaner, and they smartly remove these pieces by just drying.

Frequently Asked Questions for Washer-Dryer Combo

Q: Can I load many laundry when I use Washing/ Drying courses?
A: If you load too many laundry leaving no gap inside, the drying cycle will be less effective.
Please load with small amount at the time.
Q: I accidentally pressed wrong button.
A: Please contact to Call Center 0120-545-696 , available for 24-hour. We shall stop and operate the right one by remote operation.
Q: Can I extend the drying time during the cycle?
A: You can extend the drying time by adding the coins during the cycle.

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