Services at WASHHOUSE

I made an operational mistake!

  • I inserted the coin in the wrong machine!
  • Please contact to Call Center. We will solve your problem on the spot by remote operation.

Highly trained operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

Call Center available 24 hour/ 365 day


Surveillance camera with zooming function

We can check your status by using the surveillance camera with zooming function

Remote operation

We will promptly solve the problem by remote operation.
* Some machines cannot be operated remotely.

I feel uneasy as it is unmanned shop

  • Can this clothes be washed? How can I wash the bedding? What if I misunderstand the instruction?
  • Please contact to Call Center.
    We will listen to your problem and advise you accordingly.

At WASHHOUSE, our professional operator will check your status by surveillance camera and advise you accordingly.

What are the prices and times for each machines?

  • What are the price and time per one cycle for washing and drying?
  • It depends on the shop.
    Please refer to the table below.

Prices for washing

※Excluding the shops during promotion. The price varies according to the shops.

22kg Washer Regular course: 700 to 1000 YEN
(Electrolyzed water course is available by adding extra 100 YEN)
12kg Washer Regular course: 400 to 600 YEN
(Electrolyzed water course is available by adding extra 100 YEN)
7kg Washer 300 YEN
Sneaker Washer 200 YEN

Price for drying

※Excluding the shops during promotion. The operating time may vary according to the shops.

25kg Dryer Operating for 6 to 8 mins for 100 YEN.
14kg Dryer Operating for 8 to 10 mins for 100 YEN.
Sneaker Dryer 20 mins operation for 100 YEN

Time taken for washing

22kg, 12kg Washer Regular Course: 31 minutes , Electrolyzed water course :46 minutes
7kg Washer Approximately 30 to 40 minutes
8kg Washer Approximately 40 minutes

Time taken for drying

If you are drying a large item, start with 30 minutes cycle. If it is not dried, continue it by adding 100 YEN and see how it dries.

※Price may vary according to the store and hour of business. Please check with your store for the detail.

We offer variety of useful equipments while you are waiting for your laundry to finish.

Information Station

It proves the information on how-to- use- laundry, weather forecast, fortune-telling and bargain at shops nearby. It can easily operated by the touch panel.


Variety of magazines are available while you are waiting

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