Convenient WASHHOUSE App

Introducing a convenient WASHHOUSE App!

  • Cay I use cashless payment?
  • With the WASHHOUSE App, you can use many convenient functions as well as cashless payment! Click the button below to download the application.
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Convenient cashless function

You do not need to exchange money if you do not have enough coins, you can simply pay with your Smartphone. Since it supports multiple payment services, you can use it with your existing payment account.

Click here for the detail on how to use

Use coupons to wash your clothes

In addition to coupons that can be used at WASHHOUSE stores, there are other ones at shops near to you.
While waiting for your laundry to finish, you can enjoy shopping and save money.

You can also issue a receipt

When you need a receipt, you can display it in the App and easily download it. (For cash payment, please contact to Call Center for free and we send it by post.)

You can check promotions right away

Check the promotions of your frequently visited stores from the App!
If you make use of the time-slot plan and the weekday plan, you can wash your clothes even more effectively.