Services at WASHHOUSE

I am concerned with hygiene issue!

  • I am concerned with hygiene issue because various people use the shop.
  • You can rest assured that our dedicated staff clean the shop every day.

Our dedicated staff clean our shops every day to keep them bright and comfortable space for you.

Free cleaning of washing drum

Washing drum can be cleaned for free before you use it. (Excluding some shops)


Machines are sterilized daily. We prevent the growth of invisible bacteria on our machines by thorough hygiene control.


Dryer filters are cleaned daily.
Your laundry will have light and fluffy finish as sucking performance does not decrease.
It would usually take one day for the filters to get clogged.

Equipment and space in the shop

In addition to clean the equipments in our shops, we also clean the floors and outer glasses daily to provide a spacious and bright space.

How is it different from a Dry Cleaning Store?

  • Dry Cleaning store has cleaner image...
  • At the coin Laundry, only your clothes are washed in one cycle.

At the coin laundry , you can wash only your clothes in one cycle.In addition, at the WASHHOUSE you can wash the drum for free before using it, so you can use it at ease.
* Drum washing may not be available at some shops.