How to use reservations

Frequently Asked Questions for Reservations

Q: How many minutes in advance can I use the reserved machine?
A: You can use the machine from 30 minutes before the start time. But, if more than 10 minutes have passed after the start time , your reservation will be automatically canceled. Please visit our shop a little early.
Q: What is the adjustment time ?
A: When using the reserved machine, this time is set as a plenty time for putting your laundry in when you using, or taking out your laundry when you finished.
Q: When the reserved time arrived, I can not use the machine because the previous customer's laundry is in there.
A: Please taking out their laundry from the machine and place it in the basket in the shop, and use the machine.
Q: I would like to change the reservation.
A: Please cancel the reservation yourself by WASHHOUSE App , and reserve the time you want again.
Q: I would like to cancel the reservation.
A: You can cancel the reservation yourself by WASHHOUSE App. Tap My Page > Laundry Reservations , you can confirm your reservation details, and cancel it.