Smart way to change your wardrobe

You can save money with WASHHOUSE.
The cost comparison for the case of 4 family members: 4 blankets and 4 comforters (double-layered)
The cost at Dry Cleaning Store is approximately 3,400 Yen, whereas WASHHOUSE is only 1,500 YEN.
Huge difference we can offer!! You can save almost 2,000 YEN with us!!

WASHHOUSE has more advantages over the Dry Cleaning Store.
You can wash and dry you laundry, them take them home on the same day at WASHHOUSE, whereas it would usually take 10-14 days at the Dry Cleaning Store.

It is our custom that we wash and dry our Kotatsu duvet and carpet before storing them for the next season.
With WASHHOUSE Dryer, your laundry will be soft and fluffy.